The first technically real haiku to appear on Stop Motion Haiku.

My tribute to Emily Dickinson, shot in Madrid, Spain.

There’s no saving these experimental time-lapse typography videos, but I’m sharing them with you anyway.

My dad isn’t sure what to think of this whole stop motion thing. So, what better way to wish him a Happy Father’s Day than with one of these?

Three words, 45 seconds. The first half is made from cut-up 1950s travel magazines. Second half is a time-lapse shot in Prague, Czech Republic.

Here’s my first attempt at time-lapse text animation, from about a year ago. Special thanks to Syracuse, N.Y., the 25th cloudiest city in America, for making this video possible.

I manipulated the lighting to achieve that real-life drop shadow beneath the text. No computer-generated nonsense.

My first proper short story, clocking in at a whopping two minutes and 11 seconds.

After Effects does a great job of mimicking the real world—but nothing beats the real world.

A quirky animated text sentence, badly narrated